In my purse you know I be carryin that ranch dressin'
If i dont got it, then boy you know I be stressin'

Cuz I dont like dem veggies in my mouf without a little lube
I dont like that KY shit that comes inside da tube

Its  white and its thick, and it tastes like home
Put it on my wing dings, then suck on da bone

Got my baby carrots covered in it suck em dry
you know i do good at it baby, and I do it lookin fly

Put a little ranch on yo dick baby, make it taste so good
KY aint on no foodstamps, this shit is hood.

I can take down the carrots, but I dont do no cauliflower
I aint goin to no planned parenthood, gettin tested  every hour

Dem tests is real hard, nigga i never study good
But Im good at gettin pregnant like a black girl should.

Everytime I go, Nigga im seein red
Cuz everytime I go they tell me Im bakin bread.

Throw some ranch on my box, baby eat that shit up
its like some biscuits and gravy nigga, i dont give a fuck
Eat my pussy deep, chew on the lips,
fingerfuck that shit and get slapped by my tits

Lube them up in ranch and fuck my world up
Because I love a dirty nigga who likes to  fuck