I gotsz the weave down unda
you best be feelin mah thunda

bitches aint got shit on mah locks
The best damn weft on the east side blocks

If y'allz bitches got dey weaves say Hayy


My nails dey be reppin the Wolverine
My assz is the Original Ghetto Queen

I be doin dem braids
workin dey pomadesz

Carrot Oil on da scalp
You know what I be all about

You think you gotsz skills let me see wut chu gotsz
I'll play u assz and chu nappy locks

From Shar to Oprah come on bitch pleaze,
all dees bitchesz, they all gotz weaves,

Am I a bitch, gurl Im sayin yes,
I be knockin deez hoes and dey nappy wefts