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I gotsz the weave down unda
you best be feelin mah thunda

bitches aint got shit on mah locks
The best damn weft on the east side blocks

If y'allz bitches got dey weaves say Hayy


My nails dey be reppin the Wolverine
My assz is the Original Ghetto Queen

I be doin dem braids
workin dey pomadesz

Carrot Oil on da scalp
You know what I be all about

You think you gotsz skills let me see wut chu gotsz
I'll play u assz and chu nappy locks

From Shar to Oprah come on bitch pleaze,
all dees bitchesz, they all gotz weaves,

Am I a bitch, gurl Im sayin yes,
I be knockin deez hoes and dey nappy wefts
In West Echo Park, I was born and raised,
Thats where mah big ass thighs, they started to chafe

I grew mah nailsz out long, and gotsz some bangin ass weaves
Kept my mayo under mah pillow to deter dem thieves

I grew mah toenailsz long, buyin shoes a size too large
all dey niggaz need to know who be the head bitch in charge

I be rollin on twenties and i dont mean my wheels
You see what i be talkin bout be the size of mah heelsz.

Niggaz be snortin angel dust, raisin' hell and den bitchin
but i be snortin Cheeto dust in my ghetto assz kitchen.
Yo my baby daddy aint mah man
nigga u need to kno u wasnt a part of mah plan

Yo assz cant keep me down, I aint gonna front
while you lookin at me while u smokin yo blunt.

Yo assz aint payin mah billz
Instead u out buyin yo dope ass grillz

You wux mah One time thang, it was a big mistake
u think iz yo bitch I laugh in yo face

Dis sistah got it goin on, it aint too late,
I be goin out, thong up over mah waist

But bitch, you aint shit, and Im cravin some dick,
Ladies, date like a playa, or get played like a bitch.